The exhibition is the third phase of a research that all through the year 2014 has focused on the concept of "phantom as a metaphor of art", in which art itself becomes a representation and a metaphor, besides being an instrument to explore the world.
The exhibition, meant as a homage to Luís Buñuel's film making of surreal subversion of codes, presents  – in an empty white space – pictorial and graphic works, video and audio installations, photos, theatre performances, moving from the Asinara prison to the social and environmental changes in Palestine, from self-questioning about identity and freedom to reflections about the disruption of illusions and hopes in the second half of the 20th century, along with the recording of children's voices imitating wolf's howling. Yet, the light touch of irony which has always connotated Museo Teo in its approach to art and to the real world is never missing.