On Sunday 22nd June 2014 in Gavirate (VA) MUSEOTEO+ and RISS(E) present the exhibition PICNIC @ THE HAUNTED HOUSE.

Curated by Giovanni Bai/museoteo+ & Ermanno Cristini/riss (e), PICNIC @ THE HAUNTED HOUSE is the second act of an ongoing project. The event takes place in a private house, full of history and memories, following the tradition of Museo Teo, who started his activity in 1990 questioning space and memory in an almost empty house, where there was only "that which remains when there is nothing left" (Georges Perec).

The house in Gavirate, however, is full of furniture and things, as well as ghosts and memory. The works are displayed and concealed, to be discovered in the dim light with the help of torchlights. The picnic takes place in the garden, in the shade of a linden tree and in the presence of a majestic fir. When the picnic is over, the exhibition will be disassembled. It will have lasted just the time of the inauguration, as usually happens with Museo Teo events, but also in occasion of Roaming.

The show features works by: Giovanni Bai, Cesare Biratoni, Carlo Buzzi, Vincenzo Cabiati, Ermanno Cristini, Oppy De Bernardo, Roberto de Luca, Tiziano Doria, Diana Dorizzi, Carolina Gozzini, Klaus Guldbrandsen, E.B. Hasselbaker, Nicoletta Meroni, Microcollection, Yari Miele, Chiara Mu, Federica Pamio, Vera Portatadino, Luca Scarabelli, Mario Tedeschi, Aline Wragg Vincenzi and Margaretha Zelle.

Clues, traces of time, everyday life and a sense of expectation, appearing and disappearing, photographs, paintings, site-specific installations… The spirit of Georges Perec, Aby Warburg and Giulio Carlo Argan hovers on all the works.
"And then flashlights [that] make light where you want it. You can direct them and decide what to exclude from your sight and what to focus on, [to] meet again our personal and collective ghosts, those of the past, those of 'the-so-present present', and those of the time to come. "(Nicoletta Meroni).

Special guest Zio Busker, street musician, who will compose live the soundtrack of the event.

From noon to 8pm